2017 Summer Editing Internship

Better than your high school summer job, but not as good as a vacation.

The internship provides a hands on experience as an assistant editor in a creative environment. You will be trained on asset management, organization and creation of project files, creating assemblies, addressing revisions, preparing timelines for finishing, and exporting deliverables for client projects.

Internship Experience:

  • Gain experience working with clients in an agency environment.
  • Hone your craft and working knowledge alongside a team in a professional environment.
  • Develop advanced storytelling techniques through possible experience editing on a documentary feature length film under production at Bayonet Media.
  • Possible experience working and assisting on a production set should you desire.
  • Can fulfill course credit requirements if needed.
  • Additional paid freelance work may also be available.

Internship Requirements:

  • Applicants are expected to be in our office 2-3 days per week during regular office hours.
  • Apply with the form below. Please detail in your cover letter why you have chosen Bayonet Media and how you would like to professionally grow during your  internship experience.
  • We have respect for the demo reel, but full samples we can watch online are helpful in understanding your overall editing experience. Please include links to your examples in your application.
  • The ideal internship candidate is acclimated to non-linear post production software such has Final Cut Pro or Premiere. Experience in after effects, DaVinci resolve, illustrator, and photoshop are added benefits.
    Bayonet Media is an Equal Opportunity Employer.
Freelance Sound Designer and/or Composer

Bring your A-Game to the A in our AV.

Bayonet is always looking for people who take audio as seriously as we take visuals. Do you friends thing you are crazy because you’d rather record the sounds of nature than take pictures? Good, that’s the kind of crazy we are looking for. The same goes for music. Nothing draws out the emotion and subtext in a video like a great track. We want your help with custom music.

Freelance Crew Members


Good with a C-stand? Great at memorizing coffee orders? Love to dig holes then fill them? Bayonet is always on the lookout for on-set talent. DPs, ACs, PAs, Grips, C47s, HMU, Art Dpt, AD and anything else. If you love working on set, we’d love to meet you. We might not have an immediate need for your talents but you never know when an unexpected mission might pop up.

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