Congratulations Commander!

Welcome to the super secret commissary of the Bayonet Army! Use Bay-O-Bucks to beef up an arsenal of your own.

  • Black Gaffer Tape
    Item #59732
    Black Gaffer Tape

    The title of “gaffer” (probably derived from “godfather”) is traditionally given to the chief electrician of a production unit. Now, you too can be in charge, because you will have the right tape.

  • Pink Gaffer Tape
    Item #69751
    Pink Gaffer Tape

    For the more stylish gaffers among us, or for when you want your tape to be both strong and reminiscent of bubblegum.

  • Black Fisher Space Pen
    Item #19765
    Black Fisher Space Pen

    The James Bond of pens, this completely inconspicuous writing utensil allows you to capture secret thoughts in microgravity, upside down, and underwater.

  • Brass Fisher Space Pen
    Item #61794
    Brass Fisher Space Pen

    When you’ve got to get down to the brass tacks, do it with a brass pen, obviously. This one writes underwater, upside down, and in microgravity.

  • Pogs
    Item #46788

    We know what you’re thinking—how do we still know where to get POGs? Maybe we’ve been hoarding POGs since the ‘90s, or maybe we know a guy in the milk cap market. Either way, we challenge you to a throwdown.

  • ??? Mystery Box ???
    Item #33497
    ??? Mystery Box ???

    Part unicorn, part pot­-of-­gold, the Bayonet Box O’ Mystery is an equally magical—if slightly less mythical—mix of surprises.

  • Skyline Chili Lunch Date
    Item #53700
    Skyline Chili Lunch Date

    Hearty chili combined with handsome company, this is a deal of a lifetime, friends.

  • Sea Monkeys
    Item #11168
    Sea Monkeys

    Your bowlful of happiness is just an order away. Enter the wonderful world of the amazing live Sea Monkeys, the official favorite crustacean pets of the 1960s.

  • Profile Picture
    Item #64993
    Profile Picture

    A good profile picture can change your whole life. We’ll take your photo, work our magic, and then deliver you the final file, so you can watch the Likes and Comments roll in.

  • 1 year subscription to InchXInch
    Item #14987
    1 year subscription to InchXInch

    One­-inch buttons designed by a rotating cast of celebrated artists do a whole lot more than make you look good. The proceeds of this button club also go toward supporting youth art education.

  • 1 year subscription to Slap! Stickers
    Item #74772
    1 year subscription to Slap! Stickers

    Think of all the places you could stick a year’s worth of sensational stickers (that’s more than 60 limited edition stickers!) designed by a roster of fun­loving and talented artists.

  • 1 year subscription to Pattern Magazine
    Item #64357
    1 year subscription to Pattern Magazine

    The herald of Indy’s maker community, these print issues add a certain elan to both your reading list and your coffee table.

  • Letterpress Font
    Item #15558
    Letterpress Font

    Get down like Gutenberg, and dive into the beautiful world of letterpress printing. This Arizona-­based type foundry casts its fonts and borders the old-­fashioned way.

  • Plant a Tree
    Item #81993
    Plant a Tree

    Reduce your carbon footprint while providing something for the hippies to hug! Learn more from this link:

  • Nintendo 64 with Super Smash Bros
    Item #44896
    Nintendo 64 with Super Smash Bros

    Just ask your inner twelve­-year-­old: This is by far the coolest, most life­-completing item you could ever order from a catalog.

  • DIY Gig Poster Kit
    Item #32591
    DIY Gig Poster Kit

    Make your own gig poster with this screen printing kit, and people will be clamoring to go to your gig, whether or not you actually have one.

  • Bacon of the Month Club – 3 Months
    Item #888881
    Bacon of the Month Club – 3 Months

    Less judgmental than a monthly book club or gym membership, and far more tasty. Just repeat after us: Everything really is better with bacon.

  • Gun Range Date
    Item #306306
    Gun Range Date

    You. Us. The Second Amendment.

  • Pelican Case
    Item #416879
    Pelican Case

    Spy’s have them. Rock stars have them. Waterproof. They are basically indestructible. Great for transporting your collection of Bologna sandwiches.

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